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YouBodyCare™ is on a mission.
Wait, scratch that.
A lot of missions.

We could give you the standard ‘about us’ and how we got here. We could give you the whole spiel on our background as product designers, developers, and supply chain managers, and our days running production facilities.

But that doesn’t really capture what we’re all about. Because we’re people who wash our bodies just like you—that was, until, one fateful night in 2019 where our CEO decided to stop doing exactly that.

YouBodyCare™ was founded on the idea that body wash could be more than what’s inside the bottle. That it could leave the smallest footprint on our waters by using powder-filled packets that break down, instead of plastic that pollutes. And it could be fun to wash with, feel like nothing else out there, and always smell amazing.

Over time, we’ve kept adding on to our missions and features to give the people what they want: a product that’s good all the way through.

“I’m just a real believer that businesses have the responsibility to make the world a better place. I really think YouBodyCare™ can do that by helping people embrace who they are, without stereotypes, and protecting our rivers and oceans.” 

— Heather Fritzsche, Founder