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  • Is youbodycare™ available for everyone?

    Heck yeah! We created youbody specifically for you and everybody. Go ahead, call up your friends, cousins, grandma, and coworkers, and give them the good news.

  • How many packets should I put into my pod?

    The youbodypod™ works best with 3 packets, but if you decide to experiment and add more or less, that’s totally your call. With youbody, you have full permission to wash your way!

  • How long should my mix last?

    Any 3 packets should last you about a week. It depends on how much you like to lather up!

  • Should I fill my youbodypod™ in the sink or in the shower?

    There’s no right or wrong place to shake up your youbodypod™, but if we had to choose, we’d say the shower.

  • How do I clean my youbodypod™?

    Pop your youbodypod™ in the dishwasher once every 4 - 6 weeks to keep it squeaky clean.

  • Do all the essences go together?

    We designed each and every fragrance to work together. Any combination you’re feeling is pretty much guaranteed to smell amazing. Besides, it wouldn’t be a fully customizable wash if all fragrances didn’t work together.

  • What are the main ingredients?

    Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Tapioca Starch, Citric Acid, Fragrance, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Benzoate, Tricalcium Phosphate.

  • Are the packets recyclable?

    A:  All youbody packets break down into clean energy in 120 days, so no need to recycle them. They’re good for you and the planet!

  • How long will my pouf last?

    Your pouf should last a year or a bit longer. Look at you go, making that long-term investment!

  • Can I buy a replacement pouf?

    At this time, we cannot offer replacement poufs, but we’re working on it. Wash your youbodypod™ regularly in the dishwasher to keep your pouf in good shape.

  • Will my regular body wash work with the pod?

    A: Nope! We designed the youbodycare system to work together, so the packets and the pod are a package deal. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, and youbody and you.

  • Can I buy youbody™ anywhere else?

    You can order your youbody™ kit online only. At this time, we are only shipping domestically in the US. If you live out of state and really want to get your hands on a youbody™ kit, send us an email at and we’ll add your hometown to our list of youbody™ expansion plans.

  • How do I change the password for my account?

    Stuff happens! Click here to reset your password. If that doesn’t work, send us an email at

  • How much does my monthly refill cost?

    Get 5 boxes of your favorite powders delivered to your door for only $55 per month.

  • How can I track my order?

    Keep your eyes on the prize. You can view your order along it's journey with the provided tracking number. If you still need help, you can contact us at:

  • Can I edit my shipping frequency?

    Yes. If you need your box of youbody packets sooner than later, or later than sooner, you can do that at any time during a 30 day period. Just login to your account to adjust your shipping frequency.

  • What is your return policy?

    If your youbody pod isn’t quite what you hoped for, click here to see our return policy.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    They say you don’t know a good thing until it’s gone…but if you really do want to cancel your subscription, click here to see our cancellation policy.

  • Can I skip a shipment?

    Yes. Simply log into your account and select “skip this month”.

  • What is youbody's response to COVID-19?

    Our orders are being prepared with the highest sanitary standards and care. Our team cares for your safety and well-being, and we’re following CDC guidelines to keep ourselves and facility clean. We’ve implemented social distancing measures and have made gloves, masks, and team temperature monitoring mandatory for all staff members, as well as sanitizing our facility 4 times per day.