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Check out our 8 unique mix & match powders

Scroll our gallery, explore our 8 AMAZING scents and find your favorites.


Instantly boost your mood and get ready to take on the day—before you turn on the coffee pot. Wake up and energize your body with this revitalizing blend of bergamot, lemon, eucalyptus, and white tea with mangosteen extract.


Find stillness in both your mind and body with this captivating blend of lemon peel, tea tree, and black currant with a triple tea blend. Lavish from head to toe to leave your skin soft, silky, and glowing naturally.


Bring the spa to you. Feel the rejuvenating and relaxing benefits of eucalyptus, lavender, sandalwood, and thyme with Icelandic kelp powder wash over you for soft, replenished skin. Breathe in, breathe out… Just five more minutes…


We took a classic and made it better. Enjoy a fresh, soapy-clean smell that’s earthy and bright. Infused with notes of pink pepper, clean musk, and crisp woods with chai seed oil to refresh your skin for that healthy glow.


If you like piña coladas…turn every shower into a trip to the beach. Alluring almond, raw coconut, and creamy vanilla with pomegranate seed oil blend together to whisk your body off to paradise. No passport necessary.


Bring playtime back into your day with an exhilarating blend of crisp lime, orange, and lemongrass with Caribbean ginger power. Give your self-care routine a restorative upgrade that keeps you motivated all day long.


Simplify your self-care routine with this blend of warm musk, shea, and sensual amber with Caribbean coca powder for a deep, rich lather that washes off smoothly. Unbothered and uncomplicated. Kind of like you.


Let your thoughts drift effortlessly as you soak in this deep, refreshing blend of pink pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, and ylang ylang with hemp protein powder for skin that glows. Just like frolicking through the forest.

Best Seller Kit

Our top 5 best selling body washes and a youbody pod™ for $55


one scent fits all? nah.

Take our Starter Kit quiz to find the best youbody™ scent for you.


basic body washes begone!

Call us crazy, but we think your body wash should be made for you and you only—nothing like any basic body wash out there.

body wash that totally gets you

Fill the youbody pod™ with water, add 3 packets of your favorite youbody™ powder, give it a shake, and lather away! 3 packets last over a week.

With literally hundreds of combinations, there’s a mood-boosting, body-hugging mix made just for you, by you.


good for you and the planet!

Over a billion plastic bottles of body wash end up in garbage and recycling streams each year. Youbody™ aims to break that cycle, so you won’t just get a body wash that gets you—it gets the planet, too.

Youbody™ packets are eco-friendly and break down into clean energy in 120 days. You can smell great and save the world. What other body wash does that?


of bath product plastics go straight to landfills, our backyards, oceans, and waterways. We can fix this together.

youbody cares

Bringing safe, clean water to the world just makes sense. We’ve partnered with to make sure a portion of every purchase of a youbodycare™ system provides families with hope, health, and access to safe water.

The reviews are in… and they’re sparkly clean!

Ashlyn W.

The fact that I can make my soap smell however I want is so fun! I’m obsessed. My friends are always complimenting me on how good I smell…even I can’t believe I smell like this all the time. youbody is easily my new favorite body wash!

my new obsession!


Josh C.

It’s cool that there’s a mix for whatever I’m feeling. I get excited when I come home from practice now because I love how clean I feel after every shower. This is a game-changer for sure.

new guilty pleasure!


Kayleigh C.

Absolutely love this stuff! And I love that it’s eco-friendly, too! I’m always trying to limit waste wherever possible, and youbody makes this so easy and fun for me to do. Never going back!!

smelling great & sustainable!


Pedro M.

When I found youbody, I was just looking for an eco-friendly option at first. I didn’t expect each soap packet to smell so good. I was really impressed by the wash. I’m actually blown away by how amazing this stuff is. Plus it’s really cool I can make my soap custom.

expectations = exceeded!


Nicole C.

Ever since I’ve started washing with youbody, I have not shut up about it. Sometimes I can’t put into words how amazing this soap feels. It’s just that good. And I can make it my way! Seriously the coolest wash out there. I love it!!!

youbody’s #1 fan!